This is a journey that most people are aware of, the story of the Selma, AL march of 1965 where civil rights leaders John Lewis and Martin Luther King, Jr. led marchers to the capitol steps to demand their civil rights.  Today we are binding that connection between the struggles of the spark of the civil rights movement with where we are now in this year 2023, that we can take the torch as it passes on to us as we fight for our human and civil rights.  “Walk With Me” as we sound the alarm, Targeted Individuals for equal justice and civil rights candlelight vigil rally and conference while we continue the fight.  The Havana Syndrome Act of 2021 violates our civil and human rights as American Citizens under the constitution as it excludes us.   We march today for the commemoration of this modern day civil rights movement for inclusion of all Americans under the Havana Syndrome Act of 2021.

Join us on this upcoming 2 day rally and conference event, March 2024 candlelight vigil commemorating the civil rights movement 59th year since we now hold the torch in our walk across Edmund Pettus Bridge for inclusion in the Havana Syndrome Act of 2021.  This landmark holds so much significance for the civil rights movement while we hold the torch that was sparked by civil rights leaders before us.  This memorial also commemorates those who have left us as a result of directed energy weapons attacks.  The event serves to honor the memory of civil rights legends and marchers and it also serves to rally the cry and as a reminder that the fight for equity must continue in the movement and we must keep moving in order to bring about change.  I shall provide more information as we get closer to the March 2024 date.  

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