Thank you for making 10/10/23 another exciting J.A.M! We did the JAM thing guys!!

MUSIC:  Work to Do by the Isley Bros

Tonight, GoGi kicked off the meeting by welcoming everyone and encouraging all to register for the upcoming Targeted Justice Courthouse Rally event.

-Current news items were discussed relating to the ongoing Targeted Justice lawsuit, noting how ‘the world is proving the case for targeted individuals’.

-Research was shared about unethical mind control technology and human experimentation without consent. Details were given on how microwave signals can control behaviors and emotions.

-Liliana discussed the inception of voice-to-skull (V2K) technology, originally intended for warfare but now improperly used to afflict civilians, and also shared insights through comments made by Robert Duncan. A video was shown about unethical MK Ultra experiments and warnings from a former CIA director.

-A news story was told of emergency services failing to respond appropriately due to flawed information on a secret watchlist. This highlighted issues around the lack of oversight and transparency with watchlists. 

-Another news item was shared about a veteran being improperly harassed due to errors on a terrorist watchlist, demonstrating the danger of watchlists lacking due process. 

-The need for Section 702 surveillance legislation to expire was discussed to better protect privacy rights.

-An initiative was shared to send letters to senator allies asking for support and leadership.

-Guest speaker Richard Lighthouse, an engineer, scientist, and prime leader of Targeted Justice gave a presentation on cell tower weaponization and how to safely gather evidence.

  • He thanked everyone who has already participated in the cell tower initiative by taking photos, sending letters, and documenting information. This evidence is crucial.
  • Explained how to identify weaponized cell towers – look for a row of 4 panel antennas facing your direction.
  • Gave tips for gathering evidence safely without trespassing: photograph ID plates, model/serial numbers, power meters, illegal signals.
  • Getting photos over an extended period will reveal excessive electricity usage compared to what cell equipment requires. This can prove abuse.
  • Recommended inexpensive signal analyzers to measure and record illegal frequencies being broadcast. Training resources are available.
  • Suggested radio-frequency shielding methods like water boxes and inflatable pools around ankles/wrists to suppress signals.
  • Unethical usage includes tracking people and beaming harmful microwave signals linked to various symptoms.
  • Cell towers play a key role in enabling targeting technologies. Gathering evidence is crucial to expose and stop these abuses.

The floor was opened for questions and discussion on the information covered. Mr. Lighthouse offered contact information for follow-up help.

Overall the meeting aimed to educate, provide activism updates, hear from an expert speaker, offer support, and give homework to further the fight for justice.


– Register for the upcoming rally event – https://tievents.org/the-t-j-courthouse-rally/

– Send letters to senators

– Gather evidence on cell towers (Checklist coming)

– Identify towers

– Take photos

– Document power usage

– Note illegal signals

– Text Jesse Watters (Fox) tips on FBI overreach and corruption (929-286-7479)

– Support each other, preserve yourself and keep HOPE alive!


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