Thank you for making 10/3/23 another exciting J.A.M! We did the JAM thing guys!!

MUSIC: No Weapon, Fred Hammond

– Tonight, GoGi started the J.A.M. with a prayer and reflection on God’s deliverance in the Bible. Discussed drawing on faith and spiritual strength.

– Gave update on WHO proposed pandemic treaty to monitor countries’ health protocols. Could infringe on rights and freedoms. Important to watch carefully.

– Shared news about lawsuit challenging COVID vaccine under Nuremberg Code. Court ordered public hearing due to violations. Significant development. 

– Played video about government testing electronic alerts nationwide on Oct 4. Suggested precautions like turning off devices, wrapping in foil, putting in microwave.  Fellow TI Warrior Kim Peterson also delivered a highly informative presentation during this segment.

– Discussed history of unethical government mind control programs like MK Ultra. Shared concerns about current remote mind control technology. Suggested positive affirmations as a “firewall.”

– Talked about the Havana Syndrome hitting diplomats and now everyday citizens. Article said Russia claimed responsibility but seems dubious. Several senators are investigating. Proposed contacting them.

– Played clips about government negligence and coverups regarding public health crisis. People are starting to demand truth and accountability.

– GoGi encouraged people to preregister for the upcoming rally in New Orleans. She mentioned that she and Minister Jerome will team up to organize bus routes to the event.

– Shared ways to get involved – contacting government officials, joining subcommittees, attending other support calls.

-Played video of whistleblowers exposing FBI corruption, particularly surveilling parents at school board meetings under guise of “domestic terrorism.” Number flashed on screen to text tips to Fox’s Jesse Watters (929-286-7479). He wants to hear from ordinary citizens affected.

– Emphasized faith, prayer, and perseverance during this time. Victory is assured if we continue fighting corruption and seeking justice.


-Text Jesse Watters (Fox) tips on FBI overreach and corruption (929-286-7479)

-Monitor WHO pandemic treaty proposals

-Follow lawsuit challenging COVID vaccine

-Take precautions on Oct 4 during government alert testing

-Fortify mind against subliminal messages

-Contact Senators investigating Havana Syndrome (Ron Johnson, Marco Rubio, Jeanne Shaheen)

-Prepare for upcoming rally in New Orleans

-Get involved with subcommittees and support calls

-Keep the faith and continue seeking justice