NOVEMBER 7, 2023




Thanks for making 11/7/23 another awesome J.A.M! We totally rocked it, guys!
MUSIC:  It’s Alright, It’s Ok by Shirley Caesar

– Tonight, GoGi started the J.A.M. with a warm welcome to everyone joining the call, followed by an opening prayer.  She prayed for God to bless, comfort, and protect each person able to hear her voice. She referenced God’s faithfulness in the past and His ability to deliver His people.

Check-in Question

–  GoGi asked attendees to introduce themselves and share what action they will continue taking as targeted individuals once they are free.  Below are a few of the responses.

– J from New Orleans plans to mentally dispose of any thoughts not from God by visualizing throwing them in a trash can. This will help free her mind.

– D from Oregon plans to continue building herself up spiritually through prayer, scripture, and ministering to others online. 

– R from Michigan will continue developing her invention to help disabled women, which she started due to being targeted. 

– C from Washington will continue exposing the targeting and informing people, since TIs have been silenced for so long.

– A male caller from Los Angeles shared he is heavily targeted but God shows him favor and grace.

– T from New Jersey will continue believing in and obeying Jesus. 

– R from Connecticut said it’s been rough but he knows God is still God.

News and Updates

– Discussed a CNN video about how the government weaponizes veterans’ medical records and sells them for as low as $0.12. Records could be used to determine how to “poison” someone.

– Covered a DHS program known as the Overt Human Intelligence Collection Program, that involves questionable domestic intelligence gathering by interviewing immigrants, incarcerated people and others. Many DHS employees have raised concerns about the unethical practices and legality of the tactics. https://www.politico.com/news/2023/03/06/dhs-domestic-intelligence-program-00085544

-Urged the signing of 2 petitions found at  https://tievents.org/petitions/. The first petition aims to prevent the renewal of FISA Section 702, while the second petition focuses on stopping experiments using direct energy weapons on civilians.

– Letters are currently being sent to all 535 members of Congress asking them not to renew Section 702, which expires 12/31/2023.

– On 11/6/2023, the defendants responded to the lawsuit appeal filed by our Attorney, Ana Toledo. She plans to respond within the 15 day deadline.  Then we expect to hear from the judges.

 Special Guest Speaker

-GoGi interviewed guest speaker Kayla K, a targeted individual (TI) who did a video explaining the Terrorist Screening Database (TSDB) and how it violates constitutional rights. In the video, Kayla outlined how the TSDB works, how people can be added to it without due process, how it violates rights to travel and more. She called for the Supreme Court to rule it unconstitutional.

-Kayla shared her story of becoming a TI after speaking out about inequality at her workplace. She didn’t understand what was happening until finding other TIs online and learning about gangstalking. She emphasized the importance of relying on God to get through this program.

-There was extensive discussion around how the government tries to suppress public knowledge of the TI program. Methods include censorship on social media, lack of mainstream media coverage, and not using the terms “targeted individual” or “TI program” publicly even though these are used internally.

– She encouraged relying on God, using gifts/talents despite targeting, and pushing truth out there.

– In Q&A she elaborated on various topics including her grandmother’s story, the evil behind the program, and plans for a documentary.

Open Q&A

Several TIs who called in from around the country shared testimonies of their experiences being targeted, and a few of them asked for advice and support. One TI described constant break-ins and assaults, which were reported but not acted on.

– Multiple callers asked questions and shared words of encouragement and prayer.

-Appreciation was expressed for attorney Ana Toledo and the work she is doing through the lawsuit and constant advocacy for the TI community. 


At the end, GoGi encouraged everyone to continue loving and supporting one another through these difficult times. She also promoted the various spiritual conference calls that TIs can join for encouragement and community.


– Watch the latest Targeted Justice lawsuit update video.  https://youtu.be/08M1zxBjw9U?feature=shared

Sign and share the new petition being created by the J.A.M. against renewing FISA Section 702 absent major reforms.
Click HERE To Sign & Learn More

-– Sign and share the neuro-rights petition to institute protections around brain data.

– Register with Targeted Justice (TJ) to have your name looked up in the Terrorist Screening Database (TSDB) for potential inclusion in subcategories 3 and 4. This will authorize TJ to examine your records in the TSDB if access is granted by the courts through discovery.

– Sign up for the TI rally happening  in New Orleans.

– Continue to spread awareness about targeting by sharing lawsuit information and  GoGi’s new book “GoGi’s 10 Signs Which Indicate You’re A Targeted Individual”  Digital download on Etsy:  https://targetedjustice.etsy.com/listing/1569552814

– Trust God for justice and deliverance

– Continue to contact YOUR SENATORS about targeting using the template letters below.

-Click to Open in Microsoft Word

-Click the red link below to open in PDF