Thank you for making the 10/31/23 JAM the best one yet!
MUSIC:  I Smile by Kirk Franklin

GoGi opened the call  with a discussion question about who is responsible when someone in authority instructs another person to do something wrong or unethical. Callers weighed in from different cities and gave perspectives. The general consensus was that both parties share responsibility – the authority figure giving the order is culpable but the person following the order also has a responsibility to refuse if they know it’s wrong. The legal profession and military have codes of conduct about this issue.

– Current news and events related to targeted individuals (TIs) were discussed at length:

    – Concerns were raised about the NSA’s Section 702 surveillance program under FISA being misused to spy on women and regular civilians domestically. An article from Wired detailing the abuses was referenced. The group plans to create a petition calling on Congress not to renew Section 702 when it expires at the end of 2023 without major reforms, and restricting use on US citizens.

    – A lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch against the DOJ was discussed, trying to obtain records about FBI payments to Twitter totaling millions of dollars from 2019-2021. This relates to potential violations of 1st Amendment rights by the government pressuring social media companies to censor speech online.  Read the article here:  https://reclaimthenet.org/the-doj-is-sued-for-records-on-fbi-payments-to-twitter

-Presented a video clip featuring an archbishop who issued a call to take action against the global elitist agenda, emphasizing the urgent need to address the severe consequences that may arise if immediate measures are not taken.

 – Senator Rand Paul was praised for confronting the FBI and DHS at a recent Senate Judiciary Committee hearing about overreach and infringements on civil liberties. He specifically referenced abuses uncovered by the Church Committee back in the 1970s such as mass spying on civil rights groups and activists. Senator Paul expressed concerns about current activities like use of FISA 702 to monitor protesters, labeling parents domestic terrorists, and pressuring social media companies to censor constitutionally protected speech online. See the video here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1NBnbpXFoM

– Updates were provided on ongoing initiatives that the J.A.M,  is working on:

    – Senate Letter Initiative:  Letters have been sent to the TI friendly senators requesting meetings to discuss issues impacting targeted individuals such as domestic surveillance programs. Sister Samia has embraced the nomination to spearhead this initiative. Volunteers are needed to fax/email additional letters. Email thejusticeactionmeeting@proton.me if interested in assisting.

    – Clergy Initiative:  Starting in November, monthly forums will be held inviting clergy/church leaders to learn about targeted individuals. Sister Betty stepped up to lead this initiative after accepting the nomination. Volunteers needed to help with outreach.  Email thejusticeactionmeeting@proton.me if interested in assisting.

    -Pet Abuse Initiative:  Continue sending in video/picture evidence of pet abuse to build a case file. This will be shared with animal rights groups to bring awareness and accountability.  Email thejusticeactionmeeting@proton.me 

    – The Cell Tower Initiative:  Being advanced by a small team with new guidance and training to come.

– Other topics discussed:

    – Ongoing interference with banking and finances. Direct deposits being changed, bogus overdraft fees charged.

    – Being isolated and alone makes a TI more vulnerable to home break-ins and attacks. Partnering for safety is advised.

    – Physical security measures like hasp locks were suggested to secure homes.

    – The importance of unity within the TI community was emphasized as a countermeasure to disruption efforts.


– Sign and share the new petition being created by the J.A.M. against renewing FISA Section 702 absent major reforms.
Click HERE To Sign & Learn More

– Sign and share the neuro-rights petition to institute protections around brain data.

-Review the medical implant letter available on the Targeted Justice website before undergoing any medical procedures. Sharing this letter with healthcare providers can help prevent covert implants without consent and ensure lawful and transparent care.

– Register with Targeted Justice (TJ) to have your name looked up in the Terrorist Screening Database (TSDB) for potential inclusion in subcategories 3 and 4. This will authorize TJ to examine your records in the TSDB if access is granted by the courts through discovery.

– Sign up for the TI rally happening  in New Orleans.

– Continue to spread awareness about targeting by sharing lawsuit information and  GoGi’s new book “GoGi’s 10 Signs Which Indicate You’re A Targeted Individual”  Digital download on Etsy:  https://targetedjustice.etsy.com/listing/1569552814

– Stay united and support each other within the TI community.

– Continue to contact YOUR SENATORS about targeting using the template letter below.

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