Waves Of Darkness – Murlin22 a.k.a. Neal Chevrier

I wrote this for people that are targeted and attacked by electronic weapons that deplete them of their health using Microwaves, Laser, Infra & Ultrasound Weapons. At this point according to Edward Snowden (whistle blower from the N.S.A.) everyone is monitored with what is referred to as Voice to Skull technology which allows monitoring of your thoughts, words and all you see & hear. This technology is also capable of sending subliminal thoughts into the brain that bypass hearing & go directly to the brain referred to as synthetic telepathy. May all peoples of all walks of life realize the truth & urgency in these words & unite to save humanity from this degradation. Permission is granted to post this video where it will do some good. If you would like to purchase a copy of the song, contact me. The funds will go to helping protect people under attack. Copyrighted material. All rights reserved