Posted July 30, 2023.

This week on #TJvGarland, we delve into a sneaky strategy by the Defendants representing government agencies, absolutely disgraceful way they go about it, and the crucial difference between using the word “dataset” and “database” when referring to TSDB (Terrorist Screening DataBase). Targeted Individuals and their allies are attacked, defamed, and tortured with directed energy – including producing burns on one’s head!

Roy Eacups is a host of the Youtube Channel @TargetedIndividualsUnited shares his journey and his experience video documenting over 90 testimonials by Targeted Individuals all over the word – what an honorable mission! His new website is coming online shortly. We had a wonderful exchange, and he shared some exclusive news with our audience.

Finally, I had a message for those of us who a deaf to the claims of and evidence provided by Targeted Individuals. To support and our legal efforts, please subscribe to our newsletter: and donate via    / targetedjustice   or