Targeted Justice v. Garland – W38 Ep:”False and Misleading Statements, Part 1″ – with Tarun Ravi

Posted September 17, 2023. There are 22 False and Misleading Statements in the Dismissal Order by the District Court in Houston. Why so many? This is far beyond a simple misunderstanding. Does the judge have a bias toward Targeted Individuals? Will the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals correct the wrongful dismissal of our case? Ana Toledo navigates us through the first 10 out of 22 False and Misleading Statements made by the Houston Judge.

Our special guest, Tarun Ravi, shares his experience as a Targeted Individuals, and answers questions about the legal case in the Karnataka District Court in India. Follow Tarun on Twitter/X @6THSENSE_3RDEYE

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