Stop Experiments Using Direct Energy Weapons on Civilians

Human experimentation is legal in the United States, but under controlled circumstances!

Around 200,000 innocent individuals in the United States and over 5 million around the world have been illegally included as “non investigative subjects” in the National Terrorist Database in order to experiment on them. On a daily basis, the government relies on their secret, ungrounded and unfounded blacklisting to justify submitting these, often unsuspecting, human beings to harassment, stalking and torture with Direct Energy Weapons (DEWs) The ultimate goal is to force the”subject” to Totally Surrender as evidenced by suicide, imprisonment, homelessness and other devastation. This “experiment” gives full reign for vigilantes, neighbors, family members, friends and sophisticated governmental entities to constantly oppress helpless victims physically and psychologically.
Thus, Targeted Individuals (TIs) dwell in a surreal world of constant surveillance, electronic hacking, gangstalking, noise harassment, V2K, illegal home break-ins, vehicular tampering and more -within this FREE world. TODAY rogue governmental officials are conducting extensive and expensive experiments ruthlessly on these human beings and their pets. Billions of dollars from the black budget support this initiative which often involves governmental agencies, federal personnel, construction workers, air crafts, 5G cell towers and satellites.
If this “experiment” continues, an elite group will run the world and the masses will be robotic- functioning in a zombie- like state.
NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT! Currently, there are multiple groups on the various social media platforms holding elaborate discussions of their horrid experiences. The United Nations is asking for input and recently adopted a resolution about the potential harm of neuraltechnology violating one’s human rights.
Please sign this petition to have CONGRESS investigate, prohibit and further criminalize the non-consentual experimentation with human beings and their pets.
Everyday Targeted Individuals are being nuked by microwave/DEWs.
Tomorrow it could be your loved one, or even YOU!

Please sign to get Congress to criminalize and prohibit experimentation on humans and their pets. Currently, it is LEGAL in the USA to experiment on ME and on YOU! Please SIGN and SHARE if you CARE. can be effective if we utilize our collectivity!