Introductory Music: The meeting began with the uplifting song “We Fall Down” by Donnie McClurkin, setting an encouraging and reflective tone for the gathering.

Opening Message by GoGi: GoGi warmly welcomed participants, expressing gratitude for their presence and the shared journey. She shared memories of the San Antonio Raise Awareness Rally and the Houston Work-Social Texas Overnight. Ms. Justice shared TI bonding experiences during her sleepover. GoGi also spoke of drawing from internal strengths to navigate obstacles, emphasizing the significance of resilience in these trying times.

Duet by GoGi & Tunya:  Following the opening message, GoGi and Tunya performed a heartfelt duet of “Can’t Give Up Now,” beautifully capturing the evening’s theme of perseverance and hope. This musical interlude resonated deeply, reinforcing the message of strength and determination.

Question for the Day: The day’s thought-provoking question was introduced: In a scenario where you or a loved one were unfairly disadvantaged in a race due to cheating, what words of encouragement would you offer to inspire them to persevere?

Answers: Participants shared empowering and compassionate responses, focusing on the value of self-worth, staying true to oneself, and the power of resilience in overcoming adversity.

News Articles & Updates:
-Amazon Ring’s Policy Change: A discussion on Amazon Ring’s updated policy requiring law enforcement to secure a warrant to access doorbell footage, highlighting the impact on privacy rights and surveillance concerns.

–Surveillance and Civil Liberties: Reflections on the broader implications of government and corporate surveillance, with a focus on the balance between security measures and the preservation of individual freedoms.

-GoGi read a statement from Attorney Dina of Cair which disclosed a caution of speaking to the FBI without an Attorney.

Video Clips Played
-Neuro Weapons Exposure: A clip featured a former naval officer discussing neuro-weapons and synthetic telepathy, illuminating the concerning aspects of surveillance and mind control technologies.

-Government Surveillance Practices: A video detailing the collaboration between government entities and corporations in monitoring citizens, emphasizing the scrutiny of financial transactions and political beliefs as a form of overreach.

Update on Targeted Justice Lawsuit #1
-GoGi updated attendees on the progress of the Targeted Justice lawsuit response from the 5th Circuit: the Preliminary Injunction has been dismissed; the primary lawsuit has been sent back to Houston for a ‘final judgmement’. GoGi  emphasized the community’s need to remain United and participate in the next steps, saying there will be many. Collective efforts to challenge injustices and stand up for the rights of targeted individuals are forthcoming.

Update on Targeted Justice Lawsuit #2
-TJ received a hearing date in June.

-GoGi also shared the status of Fikre v FBI (pending); and Kovac v Wray- oral argument was viewed Monday,  awaiting judgment.

-The meeting wrapped up with a Q&A session, offering participants the opportunity to engage with the topics discussed, seek further insights, and share personal reflections, fostering a deeper sense of community connection.


-The session concluded with GoGi reinforcing messages of hope, unity, and the strength found in community support. She encouraged continued engagement and solidarity, underscoring the importance of collective action in overcoming challenges.