Music: The meeting opened with the song “It’s Time” by The Winans.

Opening: GoGi’s inspirational message centered around patience. She said that we’re waiting for the world to catch up, and for those in key positions to be courageous and stand up for what’s right. GoGi gave suggestions of what we can do while we wait for freedom.

Missed the live call? Catch the video replay of this insightful session right here and experience the powerful discussions for yourself. Watch Replay 🎥

Check In Question: The check in question was asking attendees what they would tell a “normie” (someone unaware of targeting) to explain the targeting program.

Answers: Attendees suggested explaining that it could happen to the normie too, referencing movies like The Lives of Others and The Truman Show, directing them to websites like www.stoporgangstalking.com, and explaining it is an open-air prison system abusing citizens.

News and Updates:

The FCC chair asked automakers how they will stop abusers from using car electronics to stalk partners. This relates to targeted individuals as location tracking and hacking could be used against them. Article link

There was discussion around community control over police surveillance and use of technologies like Stingrays that can intercept communications, with Tunya reading about how Stingray technology is used and abused by police. ACLU article

Reasons were given why police acquisition of surveillance tech should not happen in secret without community input or elected official approval.

Video about magnetic nanoparticles and directed energy weapons Video link

Video asking to join CAIR in fighting against the FBI secret watchlist CAIR video

SPECIAL READING: Lauren read excerpt #4 from the recent Targeted Justice lawsuit filed on behalf of plaintiff Owen Calvert. It described him being denied emergency medical treatment for over an hour due to being wrongfully on a watchlist, as well as privacy violations, mental anguish, and requests for removal from watchlists.

Kim continued reading Karen Stewart’s demands from her website, focusing on a letter she wrote to the White House Chief of Staff, highlighting the U.S. government’s secret war against its own citizens.

OPEN Q&A: Questions were asked about the lawsuit template being available, clarification on codings 3 and 4 for targeting, updates on the FBI vs. Fike Supreme Court case appeal, information about the electronic harassment shielding technology in the video, the upcoming rally, becoming a person of interest in the lawsuit to possibly get details on being watchlisted, and more.

Closing: GoGi reminded everyone to stay positive, preserve themselves mentally and physically, do their journaling, and signed off with well wishes.