Thank you for making 8/8/23 another exhilarating J.A.M.! We did the JAM thing guys!!

Music: Man in the Mirror, MJ

J.A.M. started as GoGi shared a motivational message about DEFENSE! Exclaiming that we didn’t ASK for this, we don’t DESERVE this; and what’s happening is ILLEGAL, UNETHICAL and UNGODLY. She called for everyone to participate in the D. We are still “eating the elephant”, one bite at a time!

We reviewed Current Events/Related World Announcements focusing on the reauthorization of Section 702. Related article with Official Nadler’s statement against it was read and a video clip played with its pros and cons: TIs – this is how they continue to executive surveillance on us, and our devices! This must be stopped!

FOIA/Privacy Act Request-Instructions For Submission

1. FBI – online submission (takes around 5 minutes to complete) via their eFOIPA page.

2. Department of Homeland Security – online submission form

3. Department of Justice – must be signed & submitted in writing via U.S. Mail – details below

See you next week on the J.A.M.! Remain safe and smell the flowers fam.