The Targeted Trilogy Audiobook is for Sale!

The Targeted Trilogy Audiobook Sample/Sales Link

The Targeted Trilogy Audiobook is for Sale!

 The Targeted Trilogy Book by Targeted West – Audiobook – 

Narrated and produced by Tomm Lundy and written by DJ Chris. This audiobook is 1 hour and 37 minutes long and is available on Apple I Tunes, Amazon, and Audible. Help support a targeted author. This is the first of my knowledge of a Targeted Individual style testimony audiobook. The sales link is posted, so you can listen to an audio sample to decide if this offering suits you.


Audible, D.J. Chris and Targeted West are excited to announce the release of “The Targeted Trilogy Book”, an audiobook that tells the story of his personal experience as a targeted individual living with government surveillance and persecution.

The Targeted Trilogy Book” provides a unique and personal insight into the life of a targeted individual, who shares his journey of coping with these issues and the struggles to receive help. The audiobook is a powerful tool for raising awareness and understanding of the targeted individual community, which is often misunderstood and stigmatized.

D.J. Chris, who has been living with these attacks for many years, hopes that “The Targeted Trilogy Book” will help to break down the barriers and misconceptions surrounding the targeted individual community. “I want people to know that we are not crazy or paranoid, but rather victims of a very real and traumatic experience,” says D.J. Chris.

The Targeted Trilogy Book is narrated by Tommy Lundy who has done an excellent job of bringing the story to life and making it more relatable for listeners. It is an important resource for anyone who wants to understand the experience of being a targeted individual, as well as for those who are affected by this condition.

The Targeted Trilogy Book” is now available for purchase on Audible and iTunes and more information can be found on Targeted West’s website:
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DJ Chris

Targeted for over two decades.