TUESDAY, JUNE 27, 2023


Thank you for making 6/27/23 one of the best J.A.M.s Ev-er!

MUSIC: This Means WAR, Charles Jenkins

J.A.M. started as GoGi shared a motivational message about forging ahead to FREEDOM! Closing with “they never thought that a Rocket Scientist would find the perfect Attorney to execute this case! Or that we would UNITE and EMPOWER one another. Yet HERE WE ARE”!

OPENING QUESTION: What do YOU bring to the table?

Special thanks to Attorney Ana for popping in to update us on the lawsuit and answering more of our questions while naming us the TI ARMY – quite captivating session. We are TIA !!!

And FINALLY, the dramatic reading of the business establishment push-back letter by Tranquility. Many have signed on to WORK! Stay tuned for updates. There was a healthy discussion of Section 702 which is featured under URGENT ACTION NEEDED in https://tievents.org/.

It’s not too late to join Boots on the Ground, BOOTS in the TIA, please email thejusticeactionmeeting@proton.me.